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2006 Photos:
Black Powder Event
'Vintage Open'
Sunday's Event

2008 Photos:
Black Powder Event
Sat. 'Vintage Open'

Photo Above: Churchill XXV, 2" 12 bore, by Rob Harris

Western Montana’s Tenth Annual
May 17th & 18th, 2014
Big Sky Sporting Clays, 42295 Irvine Flats Rd., Polson, Montana.
Map to Big Sky Sporting Clays

We hope that you can join us once again for our 10th annual vintage Shoot promoting the use of side-by-side shotguns in their many forms – as well as other traditional designs dating from the late 18- to early 1900’s.

Click here for a printable document (Adobe PDF) of all the information:
the events, rules, and registration form.
Information about loading black powder (Adobe PDF)

Greetings to All,

This is your invite to what will be our 10th Anniversary 'Nimrod Classic' vintage
shoot. Our return to Polson, for this year at least, will make the Shoot more
accessible to those former attendees from eastern Washington, Idaho's panhandle,
and northwestern Montana. It will also give Charlie Pfleger and his
wife, Julie, a welcome reprieve after four years of successfully organizing the
Shoot out of Bozeman. So, be sure to attend if you possibly can as this may
become a rotating event between the two locations depending on your response.

You'll notice a couple of minor changes in this year's program. Foremost is the
optional return of black powder to the Guv'nor's Cup, with the enticement being
five 'bonus' birds added to your score should you choose to shoot it. A 'Black
Powder' tutorial is also available to facilitate the safe loading of same, if you're
interested ( You may also find BP shells commercially
loaded through an internet search, although they will be pricey!

An additional two-bird 'bonus' is being awarded for the use of hammer guns in
the Guv'nor's Cup, should you have one. It should be a lot of fun as planned,
and we hope you SxS shooters will give it a try, even if only as a warm-up for
the main event. This event will again run concurrently with the Short Shucker's
Subgauge event on Saturday morning, albeit on a different course.

As for registration, we're asking that you use the PDF files provided on our web
page. Printing out and completing the Registration form AND Liability Release
form, and mailing them in with your check as directed will have you covered
until the day of the Shoot. Accordingly, those of you with friends wishing to
attend for the first time should advise them to visit our link, or call us at their
earliest convenience so that we may get our registration information out to
them also… (406) 363-0014. As with all previous shoots, priority status for
vacancies will be given to those wishing to enter with 'vintage' guns. The
definition of what constitutes 'vintage' is found on our webpage under the
heading….'Event Rules':

It's also important to remember our 'first come, first served' policy is still in
effect, and we are asking shooters to register for any of the weekend's scheduled
events as early as possible in to order to secure their squadding preferences.
Further, any fees collected from an individual who must subsequently cancel
will be 'refunded in full' IF that is done 30 days prior to our shoot date of May
17th. A cancellation made less than 30 days prior will result in a 50% refund,
with all fees being forfeited for cancellations made after May 10th.

Lastly, our 'Thanks' to all of you folks for your much-appreciated support these
past nine years. It's been a good run, for a lot of enjoyment, and it couldn't
have been done without you!  ……

Rob Harris
(406) 363-0014


Saturday, May 17, 'The Guv'nors Cup', $30.00 entry.
Saturday, ‘Short Shuckers’ Sub-gauge Event, $30.00 entry.
Saturday, ‘Vintage Open', $65.00 entry; Juniors $35.00.
Sunday, ‘SxS Classic’, $65.00 entry; Juniors $35.00.

Click here for more information about the events.

Recognition will be awarded to the following classes:

1) High Lady Shooter
2) High Senior
3) High Junior
4) High Sub-gauge, 16 bore & smaller, 7/8 th oz. shot max.
5) High Hammer gun
6) High Pump gun
7) Best score shot with a light game (field) gun weighing no more than 6.50 pounds.

For more information visit the following links:
Classes and events, rules, other odds & ends.

For more information call:
(406) 363-0014

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Out of town shooters looking for lodging need to mention they are there for the Nimrod Shoot when contacting hotels/motels.
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